Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Our Losing Shorty Dog

This has been such a long time in writing, but we have had so much going on here lately.  We lost our Shorty dog a couple of months ago. He HAD been doing so well, but one day, he just kept having seizures and he went to bed, and the next morning, he had passed in his sleep. My husband and I were totally devastated.  Our Bella is doing well, although she misses Shorty so much. We had lost our Abbey dog about a month before Shorty so we have had a lot of loss. However, my hubs is now starting to want a companion for Bella, but I don't know if I am ready or not.  How will I know when it's time?

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

awe, life with a chihuahua is a great thing.  My Bella loves laying right beside me on my favorite chair and looks at me badly every time I get up.  What would we do without such dedicated pets? Bella knows who her momma is !  lol

Sunday, July 07, 2013

My Shorty Dog

Shorty is about 9 years old now and is still doing well. Yes, you might be noticing that he has a red thing attached to his back side but that's because it is a belly band. I have had to put these on him during the day time, especially when I am gone due to his loving to mark his (our) territory and since he is not fixed, this is an easy remedy to protect our furniture and keep him out of too much trouble. Shorty has just discovered his favorite wet dog food and has been a little more spunkier since trying it. I still feed him dry dog food and at this time we are using Fromm, but he loves his food topped with a small spoon of wet food and his favorite is Blue's Blue Irish Lamb Stew.  The chunks are a good size and with not too much gravy he is now jumping up and down when he sees me putting his food in his bowl. 
Chihuahuas are hearty little dogs, mostly picky eaters, but finally I have found something that he enjoys!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Chihuahuas Are Barking !

I happened to have company come over this afternoon and low and behold, my darling chihuahuas decided to act like my bodyguards. Sometimes chihuahuas like to show others that they are big and bad, but the only thing bad about mine are their barks! All the while barking, they are all wagging their tails. I finally got them settled down a bit, but that is one of their true characteristics. Chihuahuas are great little dogs.  They don't seem to like visitors coming over to my home, however, if they are approached correctly, and with time, they warm up fairly quickly. Socialization is very important while they are growing up to get them used to alot of people being around. And no matter how many times I tell them to stop barking, they love to have the last word.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What Does It Take To Make A Chihuahua Happy?

What does it take to make a chihuahua happy?  First of all, it's love and attention.  Chihuahuas are the kind of dogs that love to be with their people. Most of the time, they choose one person out of the family who they cling to most, but not always. In our household, my chi prefers to lay beside me, but also loves the attention of my hubby, my son and my stepson. My hubby's chi prefers to be with him, but will follow me around the house, especially when it's time to eat.(of course) Chis can be more friendly if socialized more so it depends on your situation.
Chihuahuas also need a soft warm spot to lay. Mine prefer to have a blanket large enough for them to snuggle underneath as if to burrow. During the nights, my chis prefer to sleep in their own kennel, as if they needed their privacy (ha!).
Chihuahuas also need to have a good kibble that's small enough for them to eat well, and some like some of the wet dog food as well, but make sure it's a good quality one.  Chi's also need plenty of water. I leave a bowl of water filled at all times.
Chihuahuas love to play, well most of them do. My Bella loves to play, but my hubby's Shorty Dog does not care about any type of play...he likes to just lay around.
Chihuahuas are a hearty little dog, but they act as though they are the biggest dog in the world. My dogs do not understand that they are small. They are actually fearless. They are wonderful barkers and alert you to anything that's not normal activity but they do not make a good guard dog, although my chis just so happen to act like they are ready to jump the person who even gets close to me, and sometimes can act like they are going to ankle bite.
Chi's need a good veterinarian to take of their needs such as keeping them up to date on shots and taking care of their health. These little dogs deserve the best care they can get, so make sure that you like their vet. Along with this, they need some grooming if they have alot of hair, and if not, then a little bit will do with regular nail clipping too!
A place to go to the restroom and do their duties is good and if they are an inside only dog, then doggie pee pads are a must!, along with a patient person to teach them where to go and not go.
Chis also enjoy toys, a nice comfty bed, and sometimes they enjoy clothing and jewelry..lol, but mine do not do well with clothing unless it's cold outside!