Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tricky little female

Yesterday, I went to buy some dog biscuits and brought them home and much to my suprize, they liked them. They suprized me this time because most of the time, they are very picky. Well, Prissy liked them so much that when she saw Shorty with his new piece of cookie and decided that she wanted more. So, she went up to him, and him being a male, he just thought that he had to sniff her, and that is what she wanted. Poor Shorty, by the time that he got in one good sniff, she snatched his cookie and ran off with it faster than lightning. My husband was sitting there, totally in shock that she would do this to HIS poor dog..... what a laugh. I thought she was just being a tricky little female.. In the end, she got what she wanted---his biscuit.

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