Monday, September 10, 2007

Paw Appreciation

I know, it sounds funny--"paw appreciation". My dogs do show me their appreciation and I really like it alot. Now, many chihuahuas are stubborn at times, and boy can they get on your last nerve when they don't want to behave, but for the most part, they are really good dogs. My dogs have the run of the biggest part of the house, doing as they please, which is mostly sleeping. There are times when they play and run and chase each other, barking wildly at strangers and sometimes not quite peeing on the paper or pee-pad like they should but really, they are quiet most of the time. I feed them, buy them toys and try and make my fur babies happy, like most owners do their pets. But did you know that they give you their appreciation in return for all of this? Mine show me their "paw appreciation" by greeting me at the door, every single time with joy and jubilation. They are so happy to see me, no matter what time of the day it is. They come and sit by me and keep me company, even in the times that I am sad or blue. Dogs can sometimes be like little people. They bark, but they can't talk back. They can also disobey at times, but they look at you with those big sad eyes and it just makes you want to laugh. What a wonderful companion a chihuahua can be.

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Marc said...

Great blog!

I love Chihuahuas and have two, Faye and Bella.

I've posted their photos in the Yuwie Chihuahua Lovers club here:

You can join this club and others through this link: