Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Chihuahua and Their Love Of Being Held

Chihuahuas sure do love being picked up and held alot. Actually, they even may prefer it to walking. I don't know, maybe it's due to them being so small and unable to get around as quick as us, but they can if they prance fast enough, or perhaps they just like being cuddled up in your arms. Either way, they certainly do love the attention. Chihuahuas are "people" dogs. Chis love being the center of attention. Having the love of a chihuahua is so great because they love you back. Chis are protective of their "people" and they love being near them. My chis love me so much that I have to share one chair with the both of them on either side of me, leaving me no room what-so-ever of any free space. Chihuahuas are such a great breed, however, they do prefer adults over children.

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Rob said...

Our chihuahuas love snuggling with us on the couch when we are watching TV.