Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Guess I Have A Crazy Chihuahua!

My prissy dog is such a great dog....faithful and true, but she loves having her privacy. .... sounds like a female, right? Well, Prissy has been driving me crazy the past several days. She has her own kennel that she sleeps in at night. That is her own "house" and she doesn't like anyone messing with it. Her food is attached by the wire on the front and I keep it with a little bit of food in it, but not too much that she wastes it. She comes out of her kennel every morning around 5-6 am and makes her way to the potty, food bowl and her water. After her routine, if I am not leaving to go to work for the day, she has decided that she thinks that her kennel is a hotel, and I am the host. She proceeds to want in her cage with the door locked and the covering over the door (thus, her privacy) and during the day, she will want to come in and out of it MANY times during the day. I tell you, I don't know where she got the idea that I am supposed to open her cage at any given moment during the day and sometimes it's 10 times a day. Is this a crazy chihuahua or not?


pet stain removal said...

A lot of small dog breeds are like that. Good luck with her!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I wanted to pop by and thank you for coming by my blog in March! I hope to hear from you again in April.


Rob said...

I have a male chihuahua that loves his privacy as well.