Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Tried That New Flea Med

yes, I went to our local pet store to buy that new flea medicine... I love floppy pets...that man in there is so nice and very helpful. If you live in the area around Nasa or by Webster or Clear Lake, in Texas, you can find
I came home, took my chis on the front porch and sprayed them down with this evolv and I worked it into their skin. I took the dog brush and proceeded to get the fleas out. I came inside, sprayed down the dog's bedding as well. I will tell you now, that it was a very prominate cedar smell that lasted for a couple of hours. I have noticed that this morning that their coats seem to be nice and shiny but I think that I would have been better off bathing them first to get the fleas off, and then applying the evolv. I am going to see how it works for now and perhaps this weekend, I will bathe them and try it again. So far, I have not seen my smaller chis itching at all, but Abbey, who is part terrier/part chi and has alot of hair has scratched a little. I will write a follow up soon. Wish me good luck. I sure hate having to deal with fleas. But this stuff is not poisonous so I am hoping it works.

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