Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love at First.......Bark!

What's Shorty doing? He's peeking around the corner, looking at his new love......miss Nini, formerly known as "Juanita"........oh, such wonder, oh such bliss, who is this miss? One thing for sure, he was bewildered, excited and ready to find out more about her. This sweet lil chi is not quite sure that she's ready for having a boyfriend just yet but he sure thinks she's his. They ran back and forth after each other, then after a little while, Nini put him in his place and went to lay down on the other side of the room....needless to say, poor Shorty was shaken up a bit, with his little tail between his legs. Awe, aren't dogs silly?


sam said...

Shorty looks very excited to see Miss Nini, i'm thinking about getting another chihuahua, so poppy (mu chihuahua) can have a friend to play with. She loves dogs and children but she's very use to just me and my partner to herself, any suggestions?

Debbie, author said...

I would introduce another chi slowly and make sure to give both attention so poppy doesn't become jealous. Most chis will accept another chi more eagerly than another breed of dog. Good luck.