Friday, December 31, 2010

Got Any New Years Resolutions Regarding Your Chihuahuas?

I know, it might sound like a silly question, and it's hard enough keeping up with my own resolutions and then to think of my doggies on top of that.  I think that my chihuahuas are spoiled totally ROTTEN....but, if I had to come up with a new resolution for the New Year, I would have to say that I am vowing to keep up on making sure I don't lag behind on the treats this coming year. I am not one who gives my pups many treats... I just feel like I would rather them enjoy their food more than the treat sort of thing, but I think that I may have discovered a treat that they actually enjoy and I think that I could be more routine on getting them for them.  They are such picky eaters, so it's not been easy finding just any ole treat that they like. I have discovered that Petco has a bin full of different things and have found a biscuit type or maybe a biscotti type of treat that they like.  So, does anyone else out there have anything to add? Just curious!


Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Ha, my two are spoiled rotten too! I do give them a treat every day for their desert after supper. They've gotten so used to it that after they are done they sit there and stare at me until I give them their cookie! If your two are picky, you might want to try cookies from Three Dog Bakery, Chewy & Lilibell go bonkers over them!

Debbie said...

I think I just might try that...thank you soooo much for the idea.... I am sure that my babies will be with tails a waggin for their new-found treats.