Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Will Bella Do Next?...My Barking Chihuahua

For the past couple of days, and nights, my honey has been out of town working....so, I have had several really quiet days, except for the rumblings of my teenager...I was busy folding some laundry in my bedroom when Bella comes in, plays around a little and then....all of a sudden, she starts barking and carrying on, looking on top of the nightstand I have near my closet. My teen seems to think that Bella is barking at nothing, wondering as if Bella might be seeing a ghost of some sort...lol.  I put my attention to what she might possibly be barking about and see that there's a pair of pj bottoms on top of the nightstand, belonging to the honey. I grab them, set them down on the carpet in front of Bella to see if that's what she was barking about, and sure enough ! it was.  Now, that silly Bella has been doing her barking stuff every morning, and every evening. What a crazy little dog....and I am now wondering.....what will Bella do next to amuse us?  All of this barking, over a pair of pj bottoms !