Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bella's Nail Got Stuck Today

Chihuahuas are small, but very sturdy little dogs. I found out something about my dogs today. Now, most chihuahuas are known for burrowing under the covers, and as usual, my two didn't think twice about getting under the blankets when I decided to lay down and try to take a short nap. I had on some very old pants, but they were knit.....oops !  that was the wrong thing for me to wear. Little did I know, that there was a small, and very tiny hole in the back of them. My Bella somehow put her paws up against me and her nail got caught in them. I tried to get her released, but couldn't so I had to hollar out for my daughter to come help me. She ended up cutting a much larger hole out of my britches to release my poor dog's nail. Bella was distraught over it and would not allow her to clip her nails.  She stayed still long enough for me to cut most of the material off the nail, but later I am going to have to get the clippers out, when she's calmed down a bit more. I am a couple weeks behind on her nail clipping and this just showed me that I need to keep up on things. After my daughter graduating and all the company coming in and out, I got pretty caught up in all the goings on. Next time I will not let the nail clipping go longer than it should.


Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Wow, that was one stuck nail! I've been bad in the past about getting their nails clipped, but have made it a point now to get them done every 3 weeks. You had a perfectly good reason for letting the clipping lapse for a bit!

Stoked said...

I have a one year old chihuahua, and had never encountered the breed before. When she burrowed under the blankets, I thought she just had a quirky trait. How cute to realize this is a trait of chihuahuas in general! :) Your blog is great, and thanks for sharing :)