Friday, August 19, 2011

Update On Bella's Elevated Liver Test

Today I called to find out about Bella's elevated liver levels, and to be honest, they told me that they were low a year ago. Here's what it's supposed to be for ALT 10-100, and Bella's were 137.  The ALKP is supposed to be 23-212 and her's her 57....but last year, Bella's alt was only 56 and the alkp was 220, so it seems that the numbers have been reversed. I explained that Bella would not eat the Science Diet and that I was having a problem with giving it to her so the Vet Dr. has prescribed something called Samm-E. and I have to go and pick it up. So, it's not anything heavy duty for me to worry about, but I still have some concern. Thank goodness I don't have to give my poor Bella that nasty food.

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Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Good for your vet prescribing Samm-E!! A lot of people I had spoken to about elevated liver levels said their vets prescribed Samm-E, which brought the levels down. When I had asked my vet to put Lilbell on that first, he got very snippy with me and said they don't do that!! (I think he got snippy because I was questioning his decisions and also told him I was doing my own research - again, another reason for switching their vets!) Hence the reason why she had to undergo bile acid testing, an ultra sound, and a trip to a specialist, when really, all she needed in the first place was either Denamarin or Samm-E, it's not like her levels were dangerously high in the first place!!