Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update On Miss Bella

Hello to everyone and their precious chihuahuas.....we are all doing fine here but have had alot of personal stuff going on that has taken me away from my blogging.  I am hoping to change that and start writing more often. My Bella is doing well. I took her for her yearly rabies and distemper shot last week and everything went much so that since I have kept on a normal routine for her shots that they say that she won't have to have a rabies or distemper for 3 years.  I am thrilled ! I asked about this because I told them if it meant giving her MORE medicine in the shot that I would rather not do that, but they said that it's the same amount but because I have kept up on her shots for the required time, that she wouldn't have to come back next it's all good. I had them give her the shot to keep the bloating and allergies first and she was good.  No problems at all !  She now weighs in at 4.9 pounds., eats very well and has maintained her girl-ish figure.  Has anyone else heard about the 3 yr. rabies shot? Just wondering.

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Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Our state thankfully went from a 2 year to a 3 year rabies shot. I'm not a big fan of vaccinations, I'd mcuh rather have them do a titer test first to see if there's still enough antibodies in their bloodstream, which was done for Chewy at this year's annual. My biggest wish is to be able to do a titer for rabies rather than automatically giving it to them. There have been studies done over in Europe that has shown that rabies still shows up in their bloodstream 7 years after the shot is given!!!