Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ever use disposable dog diapers?

Chihuahuas- R- Barking
Well, I went to Petsmart to see about those diapers for male dogs who think they need to lift their legs to pee. well, I thought that I would be a smart one and go to the local Walmart, which I did, and buy some preemie diapers to fit my chi, Shorty, who is such a tiny one. I brought them home, cut out the hole in the back, and dog-gone it!!!! They were way too big. And it says up to 6 pounds. Well, he is much smaller than that, but I thought that I could just adjust the tape. WAY TOO BIG !!!!... so today, I thought I would go back into our local petsmart and I happened to see a package that was opened.. so I looked at those x-small onese. They are BIGGER than the preemie diapers. They say up to 5 pounds... so, it's back to the drawing board for me. I have already made him a homemade diaper, but they just do not fit very well.... So, now I am going to make him a belly band and see how that works... Anybody have any luck with any of this??? if so, please let me know. Have a great day all.

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