Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's just another Chihuahua day here.

Chihuahuas- R- Barking
Today is such a beautiful day and my chis are all in rare form. They are enjoying looking outside to see what's going on. Nosey little things, that they are. I have been sick for the past several days and my babies have been right there near me as they somehow know that I am not myself. I have been sleeping alot since I am suffering with sinus infection. I am much better now so they are able to go about their normal business. Shorty somehow seems to think that he MUST lick my feet though. Such as it is, he is the sweetest little dog. I hear alot of comments about chihuahuas, and my only thoughts are as such..... you raise them the way that you want them and if you spend time with them, teaching them, they will pretty much give back what you put into them... other than them having their own peace of mind, they CAN be very loving and very gentle dogs, at least in my case, they are and I don't know anything else other than that.

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Rob said...

chihuahuas. are very curious little dogs.