Wednesday, September 27, 2006

chihuahuas are silly dogs

my Prissy dog loves sitting on my lap while I am on the computer. My son set a full length mirror on the side of the tv, and while on the computer, you can see yourself. Not what I wanted, however, it's there only temporarily. Prissy just happened to see herself in it and started growling up a storm. My other chis came a running each time she growled and they couldn't see what she was all in an uproar about. Poor girl, she was all upset and the others didn't know why. I sat here and laughed at her, silly little Prissy, for seeing herself in the mirror and thinking it was another dog. hahahaha. Gotta love those dogs for sure !!!

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Rob said...

My chihuahua, Boo, sits on my lap and scratches at the keyboard. It looks like he is trying to type! It is hilarious.