Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nail clipping accomplished

Well, I did it. I loaded up my stinkers and proceeded to get their nails done. They didn't like being in the crate and being carried that way but they quickly got over it. I took one out one by one and handed them to the lady. She had no trouble with Shorty... however, when it was Prissy's turn, she was not very easy with her. But she came back in no time flat and said what a good girl she was. This is a new place for them to get their nails done because my normal groomer usually takes them right in and wasn't able to today. So, I went to this new place, actually closer to me and they did a fantastic job. They cut the nails a little shorter and I love it. Now, they are dogs with fashioned nails running around here. They quickly got out of the carrier when I got inside and they were good to go. Almost like nothing ever happened !!!!! Boy I sure wish I had the courage to cut those nails myself but I am always afraid that I am going to cut too short and make them bleed. Anyways, it was only $5.00 for each... that was cheap enough. Thankyou to the Sea Dog Inn in League City, Texas. What a great place !!!!!

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