Monday, September 25, 2006

my dogs are sure demanding of me today

My chihuahuas are on my bad list today as they have done anything and everything to irritate me. I left this morning to run an errand and to come home and find that both Shorty and Prissy has not peed on their pee-pad but in other locations that I had to come in and clean up. I use that Nautre's Miracle to clean it up which does a pretty good job. After cleaning up the mess, I ran out for more errands and when I came home the second time, I laid down to take a small nap, and both dogs were growling at each other, because Prissy was trying to intimidate Shorty into letting her have his spot under the blanket that I was covered up with. Prissy just couldn't get settled so needless to say, I didn't get much of a nap. I got up, and my dogs are both circling around me trying to get my attention. I guess they were mad that I had to go out today, but really, I go out every day as I work part time. Today has just been one of those kind of days. I am going to sit down and make each one of them their own snuggle bed. I sell them online @
They are great little beds that they can go inside of to cuddle up in. Christmas will be coming up pretty soon here and I just might make some for my sister's cats as well. I bet that they would love that. Well, I guess that's it for today as I now have Prissy trying to jump up on my lap and she is tearing at my shirt and Shorty is under the computer licking my toes... haha.

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