Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chis and Outdoor Cold Weather

I don't know about you, but my chihuahuas are strickly inside pets. However, there are many chi owners who let their chis outside. I believe they love smelling the cool air and feeling the cool ground beneath their feet. I know that when my front door is open, since the screen door is there to allow them to soak up some sun, they love sunbathing, but cannot be allowed to bathe there too long because they start panting terribly. In very cool, or cold weather, however, they need to have a sweater or coat on to protect their small little bodies from getting too cold. They shake and shiver when they are cold, as well at other times, but they should not be allowed to get too cold. There are so many cute sweaters out there these days, why wouldn't you want to dress them out when they go out? They might like going outside "in style".


Cynthia Blue said...

I love doggie sweaters! My dogs are a bit big for them, but I'm knitting one for my smooth collie girl. :)

jan said...

I let my Poodles fur grow for winter, but Tudee, my Chihuahua mix wants to go out when they go out so I have a wardrobe of sweaters for her. She doesn't like them that much, but does like walking with the big guys. She's really hoping global warming would hurry up.

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