Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Dogs Got a Thanksgiving Suprize

Oh, Thanksgiving and what a wonderful holiday it was. We had turkey, dressing, ham and all the trimmings and it was a jolly feast. My chis were going about their merry way up until the day before Thanksgiving. I am sure they were asking themselves who were all these people coming in and out, but they weren't expecting to see another dog coming into our house. My middle daughter and her family came, but they brought their yorkie as well. At first, they were all about sniffing and discovering each other, but after a little while, my chis were not happy. Prissy growled, Shorty played keep away and Abbey would not let their yorkie too close to the others. Chihuahuas are wonderful dogs, however, they do not like other breeds too much, although there are exceptions to this rule. They seem to like their own breed.

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