Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chihuahuas and sickness

All is pretty quiet in our household since Shorty had his seizure, however, Shorty has been limping a big and not wanting to use his left foot. I don't know if he got it caught up in a blanket or rug or what happened, but I will be taking him to the vet if he doesn't start feeling better pretty quick. He is eating alright and still seems to be doing his normal routine. What can we do as petowners to be sure that our pets are happy? One thing that I have learned with chihuahuas is that if they are eating, that's a great sign, especially since they can be such picky eaters. If you notice your chi acting a little different, be sure and call a vet to check that out.....never know what's going on.


Taz's mom said...

Dog aspirin is a good thing to have on hand. It is beef flavored and at the pet store. I give it to my chihuahuas when they seem to have a bit of arthritis pain for a day or two

Rob said...

Agreed that so many things can go wrong with the chihuahuas. Your dog might have a trick knee, that might be why he is limping.