Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Chihuahua Owner?

The chihuahua breed is such a special type of dog. Not just anyone can own one. I have found that many people like to get such a small dog for their children, which doesn't always work out well because chi's seem to prefer adults over children. They like the lifestyle of being a lapdog. Here are a few things that it takes to be a chihuahua owner.
  1. love ---- This is number one here because a chihuahua really wants to be loved on. They enjoy having love from "their" person.
  2. attention --- Oh boy do they love to have the attention! Chihauhuas normally expect to get most of the attention around the house and when they don't, they do things to get that attention. Chihuahuas demand quite a bit of attention. They love to play.
  3. time ---- This breed of dog really likes the companionship of their people. They love being on your lap, or perhaps right beside you wherever you sit. My dogs never give me the opportunity to sit on my favorite chair alone. My dog doesn't even like me being on my computer alone....she thinks she deserves to be on my lap looking on at all times.
  4. caring --- Chihuahuas need a caring owner, one who cares enough to be sure to look after their health issues, taking them to the vet when needed, keeping up on their shots, picking out the right kinds of foods for them (as they are very fussy eaters at times)
  5. understanding --- chis need someone who is going to understand that they do not really reach their grown adult life until they reach 2 years of age, and that means more time willing to take the time to train. Chis can be very stubborn and have a tendency to do things their own way and this is sometimes a bit hard. They need an owner who is understanding that they are a unique breed in their own right and wants to please their person but it may take longer than other breeds due to their stubborness. I think that patience is the key here as well. My chis love to bark, and that is not always easy to tame. But no matter what, I still love them just the same.

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Rob said...

All five are valid for chihuahuas, especially the attention part, they love attention!