Sunday, November 04, 2007


Keeping your chihuahua clean is so, I don't mean to bathe him/her every week but perhaps every other week. You will need to bathe with a very mild shampoo. If there are fleas, what works for me is bathing them in the blue dawn liquid dish soap, rinse extremely well and most fleas drop dead right away. Not only do chihuahuas need to be well groomed, but their bedding needs to be kept clean as well as their kennels and blankets, especially in the case of fleas. Washing out their food and water bowls are important too, but make sure to rinse well, because chis can turn their noses up to strange smells. My Prissy dog gets mad every week when I take her blanket out of her kennel to wash and once it's clean, she wants to take control of it. What a silly dog I have. Chi's sure do have alot of personality, that's for sure.

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