Friday, June 20, 2008

Shorty Dog Had A Seizure Today

Today my shorty dog had another seizure and I am glad that I was home to help him. I noticed him under my kitchen table with his bottom side up in the air and he was not moving. I thought he looked quite odd, actually. I picked him up and put him on the couch and he kind of laid there funny, so we picked him up and talked to him and held him for a little while and soon, it was all over. He was back to normal again. I just don't know what triggers seizures in him and my other two don't seem to have any problems. Some people say that vet dr.s can give different meds to help this, but does it really? Do they really know what helps this or how we can prevent this from happening? Anybody have any input about this?


Jay said...

My baby gets seizures too. She hasn't gotten one in about 5 months though. The vet took some blood samples after her first seizure back in 2005 and said she seemed to be find and did not need medicine. It's the scariest thing to witness though. said...

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Debbie L said...

It seems a mystery that a vet cannot do much about the seizures and it makes it so hard to know the best course of action. All I could do was to cuddle my dog and give him the assurance that I was there with him. But I don't know about those times that I am not home when it happens. so far, we haven't had too many episodes.