Monday, July 14, 2008

Chihuahuas and Jealousy

I tell you, my chihuahuas are something else. They can sure entertain me, that is, when they aren't sleeping. I have found that not only does my male chi get jealous of the attention that I give my hubby or that he gives to me, but my female chi thinks she owns me and boy she just totally comes unglued when I am giving any attention to anyone other than her. She will nudge herself into the smallest of spots, just to be near me. I wonder if my chis do things that they know they aren't supposed to do when they get mad or jealous. I have found several times when they felt like they weren't getting all the attention that they would go and tinkle on the floor where they know they aren't supposed to, just to get my attention towards what they have done. And even though my female squats when she pees, I have noticed a few times when she acts like she's a male and tries to spray on different areas, such as getting up really close to a mattress or the doorway and going there, right on the spot where you have to step out of the room. When she gets all the attention, she seems to do just fine. Hummmmm.....wonder what that's all about!


jan said...

One of my dogs is a Chihuahua mix. I won't say she is jealous, but whenever I put my hand down to touch one of the other dogs or the cat, she is there to be touched.

dog training said...

We got a cute Chihuahua back home...he was a nice dog that I never seen him get jealous with our other dogs at home.

Rob said...

Both of our male chihuahuas are jealous of eachother.