Friday, January 23, 2009

Puppies In The Window

I just so happened to go into a Subway shop the other day to have my favorite meatball sub and as I walked up the walkway, I happened to pass a pet shop on the way. There they were, two little chihuahuas waiting to be sold. One was so much friendlier than the other, begging for me to pet her. The other one jumped right up from her nap once I came over to the kennel. These poor babies were so cute, and I wished that I could have rescued them from the shop but they were going for $800. each. I was shocked! At what time did these precious babies go up so high in price? Was this a pet shop that took good care of these puppies while they were closed to? I was so upset by seeing them want the attention that I had to walk out of there. Now, I won't say that ALL petshops are bad, but please be careful when buying a chihuahua. Make sure that they look healthy and are up to date on all shots. Ask if there is a return policy if you take them to your vet and find that they are not healthy, because you never know. I got my chihuahuas from a family relative where they had both the parents for me to see, so please take care when purchasing your new chi.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Also make sure that they aren't puppy mill pups. Most pet shops sell puppy mill puppies and you shouldn't buy those ones.


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

PS - we have a chihuahua sitting in a foster home right now. He was a puppy mill breeder. Poor thing won't come near anyone. Shakes like crazy. Don't know how long it'll be before he's even able to be listed for adoption - probably a while