Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abbey's Vet Visit

After much work and worry over all this flea treatments and stuff, I had to find an answer.....so I took Abbey to the vet. Abbey is the one dog that gets tons of fleas where Shorty and Prissy only get a small amount. I thought that maybe the vet could give me an idea of what's going on, not to mention that Abbey was scratching and had a raw spot from it all as well. Vet check went great, Abbey's in good shape, no intestinal parasites to worry about but it came down to the "flea" talk. I told her that I had used just about everything to get rid of the fleas and they get right back on her. She gave me 2 options that would work. One was comfortis and the other one was frontline. It was a toss up, but I wanted to try the comfortis. It has to be bought in a 5-month supply and at $85.00, it was alot of money for me to cough up along with the vet bill too, but I went ahead. Comfortis cannot be used on a small dog nor can it be used with dogs prone to seizures so my other 2 chis cannot use it. Comfortis also has to be taken with food so it doesn't upset their stomache too much. Within 30 minutes the fleas started dying and Abbey isn't itching anymore. Now, I still have to deal with Shorty and Prissy and the fleas but it seems that since I treated my yard and the house, they are not having any at this time. Wow, that's such a relief! But I think that I will keep a good eye on things just to be sure! Has anyone else out there used the comfortis with good luck? Remember, comfortis cannot be used on small dogs that are prone to seizures!

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