Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally Getting Ahead Of Fleas

After searching for something that will finally kill the flea cycle, I think that I have finally found the answer. Believe me, I have tried the salt/baking soda mix, which does help some, spot on treatments that don't last but 2 weeks and are very costly, not to mention poisonous, flea baths, dips, over the counter holistic sprays that cost the pocketbook but don't really help much, I think that I found the answer I was looking for. It's diamituous earth, but it's the food grade one. I looked all over for it, and found it in my local feed store. It's safe, non poisonous and it's not a chemical....but it's starting to work. Nothing works immediately and this also takes a little bit of time but I am actually seeing some progress. My dogs are not itching so bad and I am not seeing fleas on them like before. I sprinkled some around the baseboards, under the dog beds, inside the kennel and now have to realize that it's not instantaneous. Fleas have to walk through the DE in order for them to dry up. So, it's another battle of the wait and see...

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