Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prissy Has Pneumonia

Things have been really tough around here....Prissy has really been sick. I found out through the last test that was left to do (x-ray) that she has pnuemonia. I know, many people haven't heard of a dog getting it, but they do. My Prissy has fluid in her lungs and I had to leave her at the clinic for the entire day Friday. She was given 5 nuebulizer treatments and I got to bring her home for the weekend. It's been VERY touch and go with her all weekend. She is taking antibiotics 2 times a day and she has to have steam treatments 3 times a day but she has not been eating well at all. My poor doggie is skin and bones. Tonight (Sunday) I can finally report that she is starting to turn around a little. She seems more alert, not eating good but better. I have had to put water in her medicine syringe and make her drink some. I have spent alot of time with her and I had a few times where I thought she wasn't going to make it.... but now things are starting to look better and I pray for her to heal and become stronger and stronger each day.

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