Sunday, August 05, 2007

Flea Problems AGAIN

This is my Abbey. Most of the time, we call her Abbolette. I don't know why but she knows her name either way. She is half chihuahua and half terrier. I have such a hard time with her and those darned fleas. I put some flea medicine on her, actually it was k-9 advantix on July 21st. Now, this is not cheap to use either. It is now 2 weeks and we are already seeing fleas AGAIN. I just don't know what else to try. I have tried them all with no success....unless you call 2 weeks a good deal for the price you pay on that flea med. If anyone else has something that really works, I would love to know what it is.....thanks


Julie said...

Hi Debbie...I have a chihuahua also, and about 2 months ago developed a bad flea problem. I was using Advantage at the time. I enquired about K-9 Advantix, and my vet doesn't sell it since they had "tried it and it didn't work very well"!! I was surprised with that absolutely adorable commercial they have. Anyway, my friend has a cat and she said she used Frontline Plus, so I switched to that...for both my dog and cat. I also shook Borax on all my carpets (and rubbed it in), and before I sprinkled it on my rugs that could be washed, I did that (using hot water), then put the Borax on them also. I left it in the works great to kill fleas and eggs. I also sprinkled it under my couch cushions and left it. You could do it on your couches too if you want...
The great news is that we conquered the fleas!!! I am so happy!!! Good luck.

Julie said... vet also said to use a shampoo that is all natural with NO soap, so the dog would not have her natural oil stripped from her hair and skin and the flea medicine can be a carried out to all the skin (it happens all by itself), but I guess if you strip out the oils it can't happen, so I bought some shampoo that is aloe and oatmeal at our Whole Foods Market. Great stuff, and what a soft coat she has too!
Julie P.S. I wash her the morning I am going to apply the flea medicine...but let her dry first. Do ths routine only once a month.

Debbie said...

Hi Julie, Thankyou so much for the wonderful advice. I am going to get out and get some frontline plus. I am going to try it.

ensure said...

the dog is so cute

Anonymous said...

We tried k9 advantix on our chihuahua and had fleas two weeks later. I've heard it doesn't work well on chihuahuas. We now use ADVANTAGE and it works for MONTHS!