Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is the Flea medicine working?

Last month, I tried Advantage plus but it only lasted 2 weeks at best. My poor "always inside" dogs started suffering from fleas nearly 2 weeks after application of the flea med. My dogs never go outside, unless of course, I carry them out in my arms. Flea season is in full swing this summer and even if your pets are never outdoors, they can still get fleas. My darling daughter asks me how this is possible. Well, when you walk outside you can always pick up those darned pesky things on your clothing and when you walk inside, bing bang boom, there they are. And they multiply quickly. I went to the pet store and talked to the veteranarian folks and this time we purchased k-9 advantix. I put it on the 21st of this month.. we are 10 days and counting this time to see if it is actually going to work longer than the last medicine did. Here are a few quick tips that were given to me for fleas. They say that bathing your dog in Dawn dish detergent, the original blue one is good for fleas. Another tip is, if you have linoleum or tile floors, mopping them with pine-0-pine really helps to kill the fleas. Now, I don't mean pine-sol. There's something in that pin-o-pine that is supposed to be potent on fleas.Remember here torinse it good with clear water and keep your pets away until the floor is throughly dried. If the fleas are really bad in the carpets, the best thing I have heard is to have your carpets steamed cleaned and that takes alot of them away. Just remember, once you have had one round of killing the fleas, you must repeat it because they hatch out pretty quickly.

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