Friday, July 20, 2007

Silly Shorty and the lengths he goes to for a good scratchin

Now I ask you, what will a dog do to get a good scratchin? Shorty loves to have his back legs and his hiney scratched... he loves it so much that he is willing to go to all sorts of measures to have it done. This silly dog is such a sweetie. Shorty is very calm, laid back and loves getting attention....but don't they all? He is wearing a male belly band, just in case you are wondering what's on him. He thinks that he needs to "mark" his territory EVERYWHERE in the house and has done so way too many times until I made this for him and he wears it while we are gone at work. He is a very patient dog and will stand really still for me to put it on him. You can have a belly band for your male dog if you like by visiting my website at

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