Friday, July 06, 2007

keeping your chi comfortable

Alot of chihuahuas probably sleep in their own bed at night, some find a warm corner but mine have their own crates for night time only. Their crate is a kennel, which I have bought big enough for them to have plenty of space, yet not way too much. Shorty does not like his kennel, because he would rather sleep in our bed with us....not a good idea, as he is way too small. I would be too worried about one of us rolling on him. So, I have tried to make HIS space more inviting. Now, they do use the dog napsacks during the day to snuggle inside of, however, at night, I have laid down a pee-pad first, then I layer the front part with an old rug, and 2 extremely soft blankies that I have made out of fleece material. Now, all this is great, but I also take those blankies and rug out weekly to wash them. This makes for a comfortable chi. What do you do to keep your chi comfortable at night?

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