Sunday, July 15, 2007

Does your Dog know any Words?

yes, I know that sounds funny, but they are very smart. Chihuahuas are so smart and they learn so quickly. Although they can be very stubborn at times, they actually can learn a few words. My chis understand the word "hungry" because before I feed them, I ask them if they are and they have learned to know the meaning of hungry. I have also taught them "night-night" for their bedtime. When I tell them to come, I tell them "right here" and I point at the area in front of me, and they have learned that. Yes, that's right, I use those words instead of come. However, you can teach them just about anything if you take the time to teach them. However, don't get too upset if they become disinterested quickly. They are mostly interested in eating, sleeping and playing. My chis still have not learned "roll over" or "play dead". They just look at me like I 'm silly. Teaching them how to learn a few words can be simple, it just takes time and patience. Also, a small treat after they have done what you asked is a real treat.


Snowball said...

Dogs know lots of words. I can understand most of the things that my human are trying to tell me.


Rob said...

Our chihuahuas know the words: "crate", "treat" and "stop"