Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dog food, Dog food

I tell you, chihuahuas are famous for being picky eaters. They, or at least mine, seem to love the smaller kibbles and love taking one kibble at a time out of their bowl and bringing it to my living room and munching down on it right on my carpet. Why do they do that for? Do they think the kitchen and bowls they have aren't good enough? My dogs are so funny, but oh, so cute !
I have all three of them, who love boiled chicken, but I try not to give them too much of it because it makes them have the runs and soft stools. My vet said they could have it, but it doesn't seem to bring them any good, except the happiness they have when they devour it. Make sure your dog food ingredients have meat listed as one of the first ingredients on the bag. They love meat !

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Audrey said...

We have two dogs. One eats right from the bowl. Two bites and his entire dish of food is gone. My other dog, he's a mix from the pound, he does just like yours. He gets a small mouthful of kibble, comes to the living room, empties his mouth and then eats them one at a time. He repeats this multiple times in a day LOL.

Audrey :)