Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dog Food and Too Much Pooh !

Oh my little darlins are so special. I noticed lately that I had been cleaning up ALOT of pooh around here and it was getting a little much. Yes, I know that when dogs eat, they go pooh, however, it was more than I thought it should be. They were going way too much, for what food that they ate, so I started researching the problem. I discovered that corn, or wheat in their food can also make more pooh. I looked on the ingredient list of one of the foods I was giving them, and there it was. Even though the first 5 ingredients were chicken, chicken meal and the good stuff, one the 7th ingredient listed, it had corn gluten meal. That's what was doing it right there, along with the fact that the crude fiber was 3% instead of 4%. I had to go out looking all over again to find something without the corn stuff in it, and I did find something good. If your dog is poohing too much, it could be the food, but then again, there are other reasons for it. Keeping your little ones healthy is very important to having a happy doggie !!

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