Sunday, February 24, 2008

Food Allergies?

I am still trying to find the right food for my chihuahua/terrier mix. Abbey seems to be allergic to the chicken in the food that I have been giving her. I know that it's not the wheat or corn because it's a natural food, stating that there is nothing in it to cause allergies, but I have been reading and some dogs can even be allergic to the chicken. She has been digging and itching right above her tail. This happened before when she was having problems with her food, but I changed it, due to that recall and she was better. I don't know why, but I ended up changing it again, in due part to the ingredients, but now, she is having trouble again. I am once again on the search for something she can digest. Now, as far as my chihuahuas, Prissy, and Shorty are concerned, they are doing wonderfully on this food.....just wished I could find something that all three of them liked and could eat. Any suggestions?


Dawn said...

I've just discovered your blog. Your dogs are too cute! I have three chis, myself. One of my chis has been having some sort of rash. I feed them a mixture of chicken, rice, green beans and carrots. This week, I cut out the carrots and rice, having learned that these two ingredients can cause allergies, and exchanged them for oats. It did occur to me just today that it could be the chicken! Now, from what you've written, I see that it really could cause the allergies. I do hope that I am able to figure this out so that my poor baby can get some relief!

I'm sorry that I do not have any suggestions for you. I hope you find a solution.

sam said...

I have a 13 month old chi, i had a terrible time with him when he was a pup. He kept getting sickness and diarrhea, every time we visited the vets they advised to take him off his dry food (chicken & rice biscuits) and feed him fresh chicken & rice. Which only seemed to make it worse. After months of vicious circles i went to see a dog nutritionist who reccomenden Burns' 'Ocean Fish & rice' dry dog food, touch wood, he's been fine ever since. He's like a completely different dog. Apparantly chicken aggravates the digestive system, and it's a common condition in chi's.

Watheleen said...

I am not sure that I am in the right place, but lately I have been having trouble with my chihuahua. He is 2 years old and 14 pounds. ( Yes, I wrote it correctly.) He is a long haired large chihuahua and lately he has been making a sniffing, wretching sound. It reminds me of Asthma, or something nasal. It has been going on all afternoon. I it possible for a dog to have allergic reactions? He hasn't eaten today and hasn't done much except wander inside and outside. I cannot find anything outside that he might have gotten into either.

Well just wondering if anyone has an answer.

Debbie, author of chihuahuas r barking said...

thank you Dawn for your comment on my dogs, I just love them so much. I hope that you got your dog's allergies taken care of.
Sam, that sounds like you found something that is working. I need to look into that too.
Watheleen, could it be possible that your chi is experiencing that backwards coughing sound that is common for them to have or is it just after he eats? It's common for chis to make funny noise sounds but you might want to keep an eye on this. And he could have eaten something outside that bothered him. Last week, my Prissy was not feeling well and wouldn't eat at all, laid around one whole day but she did finally get back to her old self and I never knew what made her sick.