Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hiding From The Thunderstorm

This crazy dog of mine is so scared of the rain and inclement weather that he often hides where-ever he can find so escape the noise of the storm. Actually, this is something that I have found quite normal for the chihuahua breed. Most of the time, he follows me or tries to get me to pick him up but if I am busy, he quickly finds a hiding place. Does your chihuahua have a special hiding spot when it rains or thunders?


Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Poor Shorty! I know a lot of dogs are scared of thunder, some not so small too! I wonder what determines which dogs are scared and which are not. That would be an interesting study I think.

Bentley and Lexi are rather unaffected by thunderstorms and rain. If the thunder is really loud, like last night for instance (it sounded like someone was playing drums with a huge amp outside our bedroom window), Bentley will grumble at it for a minute like he's telling it off, then he goes back to business as usual. We usually only hear from him once if at all. Lexi is totally unaffected by it. It's as if she doesn't even hear it. She could honestly care less. They don't like to go out in the rain, but they don't mind it when it rains and they are warm and dry inside. I love rainy days at home because that equals cuddle time with the munchkins and the hubby. I think they've sort of picked up on this too!

streetsmart said...

awww, shorty does look scared. my lab is also afraid of the thunder and heavy rains. i guess all dogs are.