Monday, October 19, 2009

Pickiness Of My Chihuahuas

Have you ever noticed how "picky" some chihuahuas can be? My chis are spoiled rotten and have a wonderfully, luxurious life, complete with soft pillows to sleep on, their own blankies to hide underneath, their own food bowls and are free to roam about the house as they please, except at night, where they do sleep in their own kennels, but they seem to prefer it that way. As of late, I have really tried the "wet food" approach to give them an add-in to their dry food, thinking that I was giving them a sort of treat, however, my Prissy did not appreciate it at all. She was so unhappy about it, that she didn't even try it......she only sniffed it and was poo-pooing her nose up at it. What does my Prissy like to eat? Well, this may sound silly, but besides her dry food, she seems to LOVE scrambled eggs. Yes, that's right! She thinks that she's human I guess. Does your chihuahua have a "special" food that they like or dislike? I would love to hear about it.


Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Fortunately...or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I don't have much experience with the picky eater Chis. My two are canine garbage disposals. They gobble down their kibble which up until last week had a dab of wet food in it but now has a dab of plain yogurt in it. If we fix them boiled chicken and potatoes (they have grain allergies), they gobble it down. They love any and every treat and will often eat such things as lettuce, cucumbers, cantaloupe, etc. They are the un-pickiest Chihuahuas I have ever met! Sometimes I wish maybe they were a little more discerning with what they eat so that they would slow down and not beg for food all the time.

Rob said...

My younger chihuahua is very spoiled. He keeps scratching at my leg until I pick him up and put him on the sofa. The funny thing is that he can easily jump up.