Monday, August 02, 2010

Bella's Trip

The trip was a success, much to my suprize. The drive turned out to be a little longer than we expected, due to our pulling a trailer with a car on it behind us, so we could take it to my oldest daughter. Bella did wonderfully! She slept for most of the trip, however, when we got there, it was like nearly 1am and she did not want to go back to sleep, but eventually did. The very next day, we happened upon a wonderful invention: a playyard that was made out of that lightweight material and folded all up ! While we were there, she played to her heart's content, but when we left, she enjoyed the roomy-existance of the new play yard. We found it at petsmart for 67. plus change. Yes, more than I wanted to spend, however, if you check out the wire ones, they run 85 and on up. I also checked into the children's play yards that are plastic and look like the plastic gates that connect ( no flooring) and they were running about the same in price, but hard to find. All, in all, the trip was good, Bella was good and we got home safely and not only am I happy, but so is Bella!

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