Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Bad Day for Shorty

Yesterday as I got up, I got my dogs out of their kennels like usual, and by this time, they are ruff and, zipping around the house from being so excited to get up. Shorty wasn't so zippy though as I soon discovered that he had a horrible case of diarreah. Poor dog !!! He must have really excited to get out ot that cage for sure. I ended up taking it completely outside and washing it out, spraying down all his bedding with the water hose before I could even wash them. As I worked outside getting all that done, I came inside and found a large spot right in front of the couch where my hubby sits. Oh my goodness. As the day went on, the little guy felt much better and things went back to normal. I had given him some chicken breast the day before, but just a very little. Guess that's going to stop now as I don't want to go through that again. WHOO !!! I guess I will watch what extra I give him from now on. No, I think maybe better, he is going to be sticking to his dog food and that's it.

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