Friday, April 13, 2007

flea time

Although my chihuahuas are strickly indoor dogs, last night, we noticed a couple of fleas on shorty. He has not been scratching at all. He is white with black spots and his skin tone underneath is pink, so it's pretty easy to spot fleas on him. Now, with the weather warming up here in Texas, I guess it's time to start some flea control. Prissy on the other hand is way too mean to get any fleas. She never gets any. What is good for fleas? Well, I have asked around and I have tried many different methods. First of all, I don't agree with using a flea collar because that basically puts the poison around the neck at all times. I have heard bad things about flea collars so I stay away from things that might not be good for my babies. I have tried over the counter flea drops which do not seem to work either. I believe the best way to control those pesky fleas is by going to a vet or in a petsmart where they have that vet station and looking at the choices you have. For me K-9 Advantage seems to do the best. Talk to your vet and ask their opinion. So get ready, even though you may not let your dogs outside, you can still get fleas.

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