Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oh my babies are so cute when they beg

I feed my dogs in the morning, even before I feed myself or my family. I take sure they have clean water and enough food to get through most of the day. I know how important it is to freely give chihuahuas and other small toy dogs food so they will not have a problem. I make my breakfast, or any lunch or dinner as well, and there they are, looking at you with those sad eyes, acting just like they had never eaten a thing in their whole lives.. oh, how pitiful. As much as you really want to hand them a bite under the table, it's not good for them to eat much people food. Sure, my vet told me that they could have fresh chicken, boiled... they can even eat a little bit of that squeeze-canned cheese, but all in all, our foods are not that good for them as they can cause them to get overly fat. We want to feed them well, but not make them too fat because that is not good for their health...
I know, I know, many a people say that they gave human food to their dogs and they did just fine. That is all good for them, however, they get things that are good for them in their own food, as long as you choose something healthy for them. Something that has the first ingredient being a meat.
Choose their food wisely. And about the sad eyes, well, I still haven't found a way to conquer that one yet.

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