Monday, May 21, 2007

chihuahuas and family visitors

My chihuahuas are my fur babies, but what do you do when family comes in from out of town and your fur babies, don't know them, or recognize them? First of all, if there are children involved, sometimes it's best to keep your fur babies somewhat guarded in their kennels until they are ready to come out. My fur babies absolutely love my family that just came down, even my grand daughter who is only 18 months. But alot of chis are not used to little children. Please take caution, especially if they are not used to being around little ones, because not only do your chi's get nervous and anxious, it can also be intimidating to a young child, not knowing what to do if your chi barks at them. In my case, thank goodness my chi's were good with the visit.

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Rob said...

We find that having the child slowly introduce him/herself to the chihuahua by letting it sniff helps.