Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bella And Her Vet Experience

Today was another day in the round of puppy shots for Bella. Before every shot, they ask if they can give her a diaphenhydrine shot, which is supposed to be like benedryl and it helps to keep the side effects down to a minimum on her regular shot, so I say yes because of what happened to my Shorty dog years ago. It has always gone well, but today was a different day, and what a scary day it was for me, and for poor Bella. The technician gave her the first shot and was supposed to wait at least 15 min before her getting her regular shot. As it turned out, the tech guy wasn't so easy and my poor Bella was crying! But as soon as this shot was done and he went out of the room, Bella started acting funny....and I was very upset. She was moving her head all around like she was trying to have a seizure. I had her in my arms, in her blanket and I pushed through to the vet back room area and started asking for help....and the vet tech comes and another vet was there as well. I asked him WHAT was wrong with my Bella? They took her from me quickly and told me to wait. I was horrified, actually fighting back the tears because it took my mind back to when I lost my precious Prissy dog. The vet tech came back in and told me that they were putting her on oxygen, and for me to calm down because she would be alright. After a short while, he brought her back in, and she was better but still not herself. The vet came in and explained to me that Bella had gotten scared and all of this caused her to be this way because of her worry. The vet came and talked with me, assuring me that he checked her and she was going to be fine. I was MADDER than a wet hen, I tell you. I was not happy. Honestly, I think that the vet tech hurt her when he gave her the first shot. I think that she got scared and nervous. Poor Bella and what a vet experience it was today! After I checked out, she seems less nervous on the way home, but it wasn't until 4 hours later, that she finally went to sleep in my lap. I placed her inside of her kennel where her favorite blankie is and she is sound asleep. Boy what a day! I hope we don't ever have to have this happen again....poor baby!

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Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

I would have been horrified and nervous too! Thank goodness that she is okay now.

When Lilibell first got her shots and cried with the first one, I almost passed out...Steve said my face got beet red and I started shaking and sweating, lol!