Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puppy Chewing Tips

I named my littlest chi "Bella" but am now wondering if I should have named her Miss Bite-Everything-In-Site!.....I know that she is a puppy, and all puppies chew but she has tons of toys to chew on, but prefers to chew on the cords that connect to my computer and almost demolished one totally. I had to raise the computer up higher to prevent her from finishing off that one cord and start on another, and it's not as if I am not home, because I am. She just stays so busy that it's hard to follow her around all over the place.
For this reason, I am now going to give a great tip, especially for puppies.
Puppy-proof the house, and that means tying up all cords, putting away the shoes that you don't want chewed up, making sure that no extra food drops to the floor so they can get it, keeping the rug or floor vaccumed or swept as best you can, and even keep your pee-pads or newspapers out of reach because they will chew on EVERYTHING!
I have found that the "kong" toy with a treat inside will help or even detour some of this but if your chihuahua puppy is as rambunctious as mine, then it's going to be a contstant battle. Just remember, chihuahuas stay puppies for quite awhile and they teeth so they will really need to be watched really well....and don't forget--they are just puppies!

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