Saturday, January 27, 2007

a chihuahuas dog food choice

there have been so much controversy over dog food lately.. and there are soooo many brands of dog food to choose from. How do you find a great dog food that is healthy and something they will actually eat? Well, most chihuahuas are very picky eaters to start with. I have tried numerous foods and there are just some they like better than others. For starters, when looking for a good quality dog food, you look for something that starts with having a meat source in the first ingredients. Corn meal is not a meat source, but many dog foods do have alot of it in there. My chihuahuas are small, being 2 lbs and 5 lbs, so they seem to prefer the really small kibble food.
Anyone out there have any suggestions on dog food which is really good, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy? any comments would be appreciated.