Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Caught The Guilty Party !!!

My Chihuahuas are so funny.....they think that they are just too clever! This morning as I was coming out of my room, I happened to see a very fast moving dog coming out of my daughter's room, in which she wasn't supposed to be in. The door happened to be slightly ajar and out she came! It was Abbey dog. She knew that she wasn't supposed to be in there, but dogs are so nosey sometimes. Here is the after picture of her getting caught. Crazy Dog

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Food Allergies?

I am still trying to find the right food for my chihuahua/terrier mix. Abbey seems to be allergic to the chicken in the food that I have been giving her. I know that it's not the wheat or corn because it's a natural food, stating that there is nothing in it to cause allergies, but I have been reading and some dogs can even be allergic to the chicken. She has been digging and itching right above her tail. This happened before when she was having problems with her food, but I changed it, due to that recall and she was better. I don't know why, but I ended up changing it again, in due part to the ingredients, but now, she is having trouble again. I am once again on the search for something she can digest. Now, as far as my chihuahuas, Prissy, and Shorty are concerned, they are doing wonderfully on this food.....just wished I could find something that all three of them liked and could eat. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Do Dogs Have Their "Blah" Days Like We Do?

I wondered this for the past several days as my sweet little Prissy dog was acting quite down. She was wanting to be "babied". She normally jumps up on the chair with me, but all of a sudden, she wasn't willing to jump up anymore. What happened to her? I looked all over to see if she hurt herself, but nothing was wrong. She was just acting like she was sad and wanted to sit with me. I let this continue, wondering what on earth was going on with her.....but after a couple of days of being babied, she finally went back to normal again and is back to her old barking, and jumping up and down self. I wonder, if dogs do go through a "blah" day or two, what makes them do this, and what happens to get them back on the normal track again? Anyone else experience this?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dog Food and Too Much Pooh !

Oh my little darlins are so special. I noticed lately that I had been cleaning up ALOT of pooh around here and it was getting a little much. Yes, I know that when dogs eat, they go pooh, however, it was more than I thought it should be. They were going way too much, for what food that they ate, so I started researching the problem. I discovered that corn, or wheat in their food can also make more pooh. I looked on the ingredient list of one of the foods I was giving them, and there it was. Even though the first 5 ingredients were chicken, chicken meal and the good stuff, one the 7th ingredient listed, it had corn gluten meal. That's what was doing it right there, along with the fact that the crude fiber was 3% instead of 4%. I had to go out looking all over again to find something without the corn stuff in it, and I did find something good. If your dog is poohing too much, it could be the food, but then again, there are other reasons for it. Keeping your little ones healthy is very important to having a happy doggie !!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dogs and Time

Day after day, I am greeted by my little chihuahuas at the door. No matter what time it is, no matter if I had just walked outside to get the mail, there they are waiting anxiously for me to come back in the door. They are always happy to see me. I recently had an emergency trip to Florida, where my dad underwent an unexpected quadruple bypass. I was so busy with my dad, spent most of my time there, but as I went back to my dad's home every night, I thought about my doggies and wondered if they would forget about me since I was gone so long. My sister said that dogs have no concept of time. I wonder, if perhaps that's true, because when I came home, they were overjoyed to see me, as if I had never left. What do you think? Do your puppies greet you happily at the door every time you come home?