Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tricky little female

Yesterday, I went to buy some dog biscuits and brought them home and much to my suprize, they liked them. They suprized me this time because most of the time, they are very picky. Well, Prissy liked them so much that when she saw Shorty with his new piece of cookie and decided that she wanted more. So, she went up to him, and him being a male, he just thought that he had to sniff her, and that is what she wanted. Poor Shorty, by the time that he got in one good sniff, she snatched his cookie and ran off with it faster than lightning. My husband was sitting there, totally in shock that she would do this to HIS poor dog..... what a laugh. I thought she was just being a tricky little female.. In the end, she got what she wanted---his biscuit.

Friday, February 23, 2007

my dogs and american idol

Well, last night was the night for all of those american idol watchers to see who was going to be kicked off, and my hubby came home late from work and we went to grab a quick bite, and hurried home to be in front of the tv for American Idol, which had some suprizes for me. I was totally wrong about which guys were getting kicked off, but right about the girls. Well, my Prissy just thought that she had to have my full attention and so did Shorty. They tried their hardest at trying to get us to play with them and when they saw that we were totally indulged in the tv, they finally settled down to sleep a bit, under the covers where they usually are. Sometimes I see Prissy watches tv, but she was just NOT interested in American Idol. lol.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

my barking chihuahuas

While my little darlins are laid back and resting for the moment, I have decided it might be quite interesting to look into some scrapbooking.. and I have found some very interesting sites out there. There is also some for pet scrapbooking. Check out some of these links to see what I am talking about.