Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shorty Still Isn't Tolerating Bella Very Well

Shorty hasn't been tolerating Bella very well, and as a matter of fact, he normally doesn't want anything to do with her, but she's got other ideas.....she follows him, chases after him and makes her little growling sounds towards him and he has gotten where he now chases her a bit, and she's loving every minute of it!  I have to admit, these dogs are so funny!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bella Got Her Spay Stitches Out Today

This morning was a joyous morning for me because I got to take my Bella in to have her stitches out and I was SOOOOOO happy because I thought that it also meant that she would be able to take off the nasty e-cone as well.....not so.  I was not happy about it, but the Dr. said that she needed to wear it another day because the stitch site would still be tender. The e-cone will be coming off tomorrow and I will be so glad about that, and not only that, Bella will be too. She probably thinks that this is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life, but when she gets it off tomorrow, she will finally have some freedom. Making that smaller e-cone really did make a difference in her world and in mine. I just don't know why they don't make them and sell them in the pet stores for smaller dogs.

Monday, September 06, 2010

A Homemade E-Collar For Such A TIny Dog

Since Bella only weighs 3.2 pounds, she is just extra tiny, and I had a hard time with that other e-collar, I went to the Dollar Tree, bought a 50cent piece of poster board, came home, drew a pattern off the old one, then I took off 1/2 inch off each end, and trimmed another inch off the long side and taped it on.  As you can see in this pic, it's un-even where I taped it, but I have just evened that off and re-taped it and now it's nearly perfect---well, as about perfect as you can get when you HAVE no choice but to keep them from biting at the incision.  Every single time I have taken her e-collar off, she reaches straight for the stitches so I felt I needed to keep it on. However, the one I bought from Petsmart is thick and plastic, making it very heavy for her, and not allowing her little nose to be able to reach her food very well.  I was having to hand feed or putting her food on the edge of the bowl so she could reach it....so I  am now going to try this. She is not wobbling as she walks now because it isn't heavy. She's also able to reach her bowl much better.  I wished that they made this sort of thing for a tiny dog, but it's nearly impossible to find one. Thank goodness for the internet and people's opinions that gave me the idea to even try this. It comes off Saturday morning, thank goodness!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Bella With E-Collar

Poor Bella With That Nasty E-Collar!

As you can see, this collar is humongous, and it was the smallest one found!.  Last night, we took the collar off of her and the FIRST thing she did was try to pick at her stitches...so we had to put it back on her.  I was really hoping that she wouldn't bother with it, but I guess, being Miss Bella, she HAD to start picking. I HATE that collar but I don't want her to get an infection.  I will try taking it off again to see if things change. You know, I have seen other dogs out in public before with that silly collar on and never really knew what it was for.....and now I know.   As you can see, her coat is super shiny, and she is very healthy....and she's eating wonderfully!  And here is Bella before her surgery....she LOVES to play!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bella Got Spayed!

Bella's probably mad at me wondering when all this vet visit stuff is gonna end. She finally got cleared of her demodectic mange, and yesterday, she had an appointment for her spaying. I took her in at 7am and my daughter, who just got a job at the clinic, brought her home last evening.  She has only one stitch on the outside but it has to be kept dry and not covered, and in 9 more days, she will get the stitches out. In the mean-time, she is wearing one of those horrible, nasty head things so she won't clean her stitch and cause infection. I had to work today so she got stuck wearing it today but tomorrow I am off and I am going to take that darned thing off so that she can have some peace....although, I wonder if I take it off, will I have trouble getting it back on her again? I just don't like it at all, and neither does she. I don't want her to take a chance at getting an infection though.....those 9 days will be long ones for sure.
However, I am glad that it's done.  I will no longer have to worry about my Shorty dog thinking he's gonna get lucky. lol.
Have any of you had experience with that darned cone thing that keeps them from licking the area?  I guess I am gonna have to get used to it, until her stitches come out, but honestly, I will more than likely HAVE to take it off while I am home with her, just to give her some peace.