Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Prissy Is A Great Actress!

What a silly little dog she is, pretending to be shy. Do your chihuahuas like getting their pictures taken? Shorty loves to pose for the camera, and so does Abbey, but when it comes to this little gal, she shies away as if she were camera shy....Well, honestly, she's not a shy dog at all, so I think that she would make a great actress.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pickiness Of My Chihuahuas

Have you ever noticed how "picky" some chihuahuas can be? My chis are spoiled rotten and have a wonderfully, luxurious life, complete with soft pillows to sleep on, their own blankies to hide underneath, their own food bowls and are free to roam about the house as they please, except at night, where they do sleep in their own kennels, but they seem to prefer it that way. As of late, I have really tried the "wet food" approach to give them an add-in to their dry food, thinking that I was giving them a sort of treat, however, my Prissy did not appreciate it at all. She was so unhappy about it, that she didn't even try it......she only sniffed it and was poo-pooing her nose up at it. What does my Prissy like to eat? Well, this may sound silly, but besides her dry food, she seems to LOVE scrambled eggs. Yes, that's right! She thinks that she's human I guess. Does your chihuahua have a "special" food that they like or dislike? I would love to hear about it.